Virtual Offices: The New Reality

It’s no secret that there is uncertainty in the workspace during the current climate and most of us don’t know what to expect post-pandemic when it comes to our working future. What is evident though, is that many have found they are able to work remotely, and that the daily office commute may be a thing of the past.

The need for flexible and virtual office solutions on a global scale has seen rise in the last decade. The mindset shift of the daily office commute and long-term office leases has changed dramatically due to Covid-19. As Paul Salnikow, Founder and CEO of The Executive Centre (TEC), says “The current market uncertainty is creating huge demand for the flexible workspace sector as companies try to manage costs and become less willing to commit to long-term leases.”

The onslaught of Covid-19 means that companies have had to reassess the way they work – meaning they’ve seen that their staff can be productive in a time where they are working from home or perhaps in a remote office, they’ve had to re-evaluate the financial aspect of a large uninhabited office space and they’ve had to take their staff satisfaction/well-being into account.

The Flexibility Advantages

Staff not needing to commute for three hours of the day for example can be highly advantageous for productivity levels. A staff members ability to work somewhere close by (if needed) and the added benefit of social interaction/networking can be beneficial for their well-being and making additional business connections. The social aspect of joining an elite business hub may lead the staff member to present more innovative ideas to the company, allowing for greater company success.

The Virtual Advantages

An entrepreneur or start-up may be happy to work at home, however, would require a premium business address and dedicated phone line to afford their company the authentic business presence it deserves – this is where a virtual office solution comes in.

One of the many attractions of a virtual office solution is reduced overheads. The need to pay a large sum on rent, utilities, furniture, hardware, administrative staff and maintenance is a thing of the past. The amount one can save your business by eliminating these unnecessary expenses means you can put more money into hiring more experienced staff or rather enjoy the benefit of increased net profit.

Making the decision to have a virtual office also means that you can extend your pool of possible candidates to a nationwide (or even a global) search. Ultimately your ability to hire the best and/or most qualified candidates increases tenfold.

SMEs may find this option particularly attractive as it offers the impression of a larger, more successful business set in a prestigious location that under normal circumstances they would not be able to afford.

Offering credibility to a business at a low cost is easy with a virtual solution. Having a virtual office means that a trained receptionist answers your calls and forwards accordingly at minimal cost to you. If you have limited resources and a small team, this added benefit portrays an atmosphere of prestige.

With the way things are now, everyone is looking for an eco-friendly and public safety solution. A virtual office affords a drastic decrease in not only your carbon footprint, but your offices’ and all your employees’ as well. Large offices are also known for the health risk factor – gone are the days of one employee coming into work with the flu and passing it on to five other employees in their immediate surroundings.

Most virtual office solutions offer:

  • PO Box (internationally recognised location)
  • Professional receptionist
  • Personalised business telephone line with answering and forwarding services
  • Mail forwarding services
  • Affordable month-to-month/yearly contracts
  • On-site office space availability and access to meeting rooms
  • Additional value-added services

The Reality

There are no signs that this trend is slowing down and now is the time to start realistically evaluating what is right for your business. There are many companies offering a virtual office solution and the important thing is to evaluate what your business needs and will need in the future. You may find that some do not offer event spaces or meeting rooms, which you require once or twice a month and thus researching the company that best suits your requirements is more important than ever. The ability to offer you a credible reputation for your clientele and colleagues while working from home is undeniable. The reality is that virtual offices are here to stay.

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